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The town of Fiavè is one of the last towns in the Comano valley before arriving at Lake Garda. Simple and hospitable people live here. In Fiavé you can breathe the authenticity of rural life. Farmers take care of nature. Agriculture and livestock breeding are, still today, the main economy of many families. Fiavè is located on the Lomaso plateau and in the summer it is possible to visit the stilt settlements dating back to 2300 BC.
There are various attractions in Fiavè: in Ballino the Camerona is very suggestive, an enormous cave that overlooks the town. In Torbiera di Fiavè there is a biotope and an artificial lake for fishing lovers.
Fiavè is also famous for its production of milk and cheese.
For sports lovers, Fiavè is an ideal place for excursions, trekking, tennis, horse riding, cross-country skiing and above all ice skating.



The structure is suitable for hosting self-managed groups. The recently renovated building is spread over 5 floors: basement with pantry and games room; ground floor with dining room, kitchen, bar room and main entrance; First floor with 5 bedrooms, which leads to a terrace that can be used for solariums, meetings etc.; second and third floor 6 bedrooms + 6 bedrooms. All rooms are equipped with large bathrooms, including 2 for disabled people. Also for meetings and entertainment. The kitchen is fully equipped and is managed with everything necessary for optimal management. The structure has 80 beds in dormitories with 2, 4, 6 and 8 beds. Ample parking and a huge fenced park. The playground, volleyball court, tennis court and football field are 200 m away, supermarkets, cafes, the pharmacy and the church are less than 400 m from the house. The structure is modern and welcoming and follows all safety regulations. Without architectural barriers, lift. The manager guarantees her presence on site for every need and to suggest any itineraries. 

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